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Buttercream Foot Massage - COCOA BEACH SPA SERVICE MENU

Buttercream Foot Massage - $49.00


Choose Your Butter Cream:

Green Tea ~ Cucumber Lime ~ Peppermint Stick

Mango ~ Chocolate ~Lavender ~ Pumpkin

A decadent deeply hydrating

butter cream 30 minute foot massage

with steamed towels.

Add to your massage service or enjoy ala carte.

Take home a jar of butter cream for sale in our boutique!


1.It makes you feel relaxed
On each of our feet there is an important point called the solar plexus point that basically contains all your stress. When a foot massage presses the solar plexus reflex, the stress stored in this small store is released, relieving anxiety and renewing the body.

2.Increase energy level
The blocks that are in the tense muscles contain the energy that must flow throughout the body. Through a well-performed foot massage that targets the pressure points, the foot is rubbed in such a way that the blockages are released and energy is returned through the different parts of the body freely.

3.Balance in overall well-being
Balance is when all parts of your body are working together in harmony to provide you with a healthy body and mind in general. When your reflexes are stimulated, you are taken to a state of relaxation and healing. When the whole body is relaxed, you do not feel anxiety, tension and other harmful effects of stress on the body. As such, the chances of contracting diseases associated with stress are reduced.

4.Improves blood circulation
Many people do not correctly use the muscles of their feet, which prevents good blood flow. In addition, tight and pointed shoes, especially high heels, hinder circulation. The massage helps to transport oxygen to the cells of the body, which is essential for general health.

5.Makes the feet healthier:
An easy way to help keep your feet healthy and free of foot problems is with a regular foot massage. It helps to stimulate the muscles around your feet, reduces stiffness and even reduces pain in the ankles or heels. In addition, a foot massage will help keep your ankles strong and flexible, thus avoiding unpleasant injuries to the ankle and foot.

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