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Spa Body Brushing - $45.00 (30 min)



Spa Body Brushing Service includes Take Home Brush!

The Detox Dry Brushing Method is a quick and easy technique with amazing health benefits. This simple, routine invigorates all the major systems of the body including the lymph, circulatory, nervous and digestive, as well as, stimulates all the major organs. It is a form of gentle massage that encourages the skin to eliminate toxins by dramatically increasing blood flow to the surface. Detox dry brushing exfoliates dead skin cells while reducing the appearance of cellulite, as well as, toning and tightening the skin leaving it wonderfully soft to the touch. This amazing health and beauty routine has been practiced for years in Eastern Medicine and is used in world class spas, holistic healing centers and most recently cancer treatment clinics all over the globe. Become part of the dry brushing phenomenon and Detox today!

All of this in just a few minutes a day!

Invigorating and energizing

Quick, easy and inexpensive!

1.Reduces cellulite

2.Cleanses the lymphatic system

3.Removes dead skin layers

4.Strengthens the immune system 5.Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands

6.Tightens the skin preventing premature aging

7.Tones the muscles

8.Stimulates circulation

9.Improves the function of the nervous system

10.Helps digestion

Never ‘scrub’ your skin using hard pressure. Use firm but gentle pressure. It should feel good!

Always work in the direction of the heart.

Rinse off under a warm, not hot shower. If you can tolerate it, alternate between warm and cool water to really boost circulation, ending with the cool water.

Lightly pat the skin with a towel, leaving it rather moist. Now is the moment to massage in nourishing oils that absorb quickly into the skin or a good body lotion. By applying oils on to slightly wet or damp skin, you will be able to apply a very thin layer easily without pulling or dragging the skin nor will it feel oily. A fine layer of nourishing oil will help the skin retain its natural moisture.

Wash your brush with soap and water now and again, allowing to thoroughly dry.

Well brushed skin will have increased blood supply and its metabolic function of helping the body eliminate toxins will be optimally boosted as well as improved cellular ‘turnover’ (regeneration). You may not be able to restore skin elasticity (but it will be improved) or be rid of cellulite as these are often dependent on your genes - but you can help your skin to function optimally resulting in a healthier, better looking, seductively silky skin.

Want to start off your day on a positive note? A few really deep breaths at an open window, a dry brushing session followed by alternating warm and cool showers and your defense system will be boosted a little even within a week. However, it will take a few months for long term effects.

Other side effects to this quick morning routine – a clearer mind and boosted spirit. What a wonderful way to start the day!




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